Risk Prevention
High availability system and network security Shenyuanbao payment platform use the firewall which provided by the famous network security company NetScreen.This equipment integrates the virtual private network VPN and flow management and several kinds of functions into one product on a hardware basis, to avoid the payment gateway from the virus and hacker attacks and network safe leak, provide confidential data protection measures for the transactions to ensure the safe and stable platform. McAfee IntruShield active defense system will base on the strict security policy, resist the unknown attacks and safe leak, lautering and preventing the attacks for the legitimate ports, and evaluate the suspicious internal network access. While analyze and filter all network flows, record all the suspicious access and attack events.The core platform use the most advanced system to ensure the Load Balance in all network layer and application layer services, which may ensure the merchants and cardholders can experience all products of shenyuanbao in a safe, stable and efficient manner in 7 days and 24 hours.
Shenyuanbao payment platform adopt the global famous certification center VeriSign SSL certificate (128 bit). The client browser send CGI request using the HTTPS protocol, all the client sends the HTTPS requests and Web Server returned result would be automatically using SSL encryption. The data sent by the customer to the service provider via the network will be encrypted automatically, when the data received from the other end, the encoded data will be restored. Even if a thief obtains encoded information on the network, he cannot obtain the readable and useful information without getting the original password algorithm.Therefore, this system can guarantee the confidentiality of payment information, the integrity of payment process, the legal identity and maneuverability of merchants and customers at the greatest extent.
In order to avoid the malicious tampering for the payment orders which merchants sent to Shenyuanbao, Shenyuanbao provides the md5 digest authentication for the order payment interface. The merchants could use the order number,date, amount and merchant background administrator password as the password to be the md5 digest, it will generate the order payment information and send to Shenyuanbao, through md5 digest authentication to judge whether the order information has been tampered, so that could guarantee the merchants’ interests.
The purpose for the digital signature authentication is to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the information in the process of information transmission and to provide the identity authentication of the information sender. Digital signature enables the receiver to verify the sender's signature on the message, the sender can not repudiate the message's signature, and the receiver cannot forge the message's signature.If merchants have a higher demand on Shenyuanbao’s payment system for the authenticity of return data, can incorporate with merchant's public key and components to verify the signature, so that could prevent others to simulate the return order, that may insures the safe running of the system, so as to safeguard the interests of merchants and customers.