Apparel and Accessories
With the transformation and upgrading of the domestic Clothing & Fabric industries, excellent designers have been born in succession, more and more self-owned brands have emerged in China. These brands are not just development in domestic, but also go abroad to participate in the world stage to compete with foreign brands. Through the unremitting efforts, Shenyuanbao and merchants have provided more efficient and convenient solutions for foreign trade clothing, shoes and hats:
1. Powerful website technical support, providing full service of interface installation;
2. More reasonable price and more flexible settlement plan which helps the merchants maximize their capital utilization to run their funds more efficient;
3. Assisting with professional foreign trade knowledge, as well as the integration of production and marketing supply chain.
Decorations and Art craft
As the decorations and art crafts sell to overseas, the foreign trade e-commerce art industry has formed. From the silver, jewelry to today's oil painting, Chinese painting, bronze ware etc., with the Increasingly popular Chinese civilization and its art crafts, the art trading is under the rapid development. After the intensive study on the foreign trade for the domestic decoration art, Shenyuanbao has set the impeccable rules and system to help the merchants for more safe and fast trading, especially for whose orders are wholesales and have a long-term delivery cycle. At the same time, Shenyuanbao integrates various resources such as logistics for distribution, insurance guarantee, supplier supply and other services for the merchants. There are also scheduled and nonscheduled promotion trainings for the merchants.
Electronic Products
Electronic products occupies a relatively large proportion of China's foreign trade sector. As domestic electronic product innovation and quality improvement, also Shenyuanbao has broaden and upgrade its channels, the overseas payment market has enlarge constantly, Shenyuanbao have growth itself to compete with overseas payment platform, choose Shenyuanbao is not only to choose a partner, but also choose a road to treasure.
Wedding Dresses
Wedding dress industry is difference from the other foreign trade industry, because of its characteristics which would decide its customization consumption mode, the single transaction amount is big and the receiving cycle is long, also it is particular about its size, color, fabric and other issues. Shenyuanbao helps the wedding dress website merchants to collect the cardholders' information and provide detailed data analysis.
Virtual Product
The virtual product industry is the newest industry in China, but it also has great potential. Nowadays, there are more and more Chinese people selling their creativities and their own designs, even selling their labor force. But because of the previous insufficient payment security system, the risk of virtual goods transactions is multiplied than the traditional industry, also have a higher chargeback rate, and there are also facing many potential copyright issues, etc. On account of these characteristics of virtual products, Shenyuanbao has launched the receiving policy based on the risk control:
1. The strict product examination and verification system
2. The strict risk control system and technology & manual integration model
3. Professional overseas customer service team to ensure the security of transactions and payment collection.